Wednesday 23 May 2018

Golden beads oriental neclace

For a long time I did not please you with my creations. No, I did not stop beading (it will never happen😉), just don't have time to post. I have a very busy year, but will try to stay in touch.
This necklace was an order from a very nice man for his wife on her birthday. The singularity of this piece is gold beads I got to use in my work. Yep, the 6 mm beads are real golden and old beads. You can see that beads are not completely round, and I think it adds charm and authenticity to the necklace. I tried to give a stage to a noble metal and I am quite sure I succeeded. It turned out oriental fetching, not massive and pleasurably wraps the neck. 
Birthday Girl liked the present a lot, so my mission completed successfully

Thursday 7 December 2017

Eastern milk snake cane

I've already made a few snakes, as a necklaces - RattlesnakePythoneBlunted blue tree snake and Eastern milk snake as an order. Beads are such a suitable material for this type of animal.
This one was a totally new project for me, the most challenging and life-consuming. I was bearing the idea of how to for a long time, tried many bead-weaving variations, and finally chose the most time occupying 😊. The snake was really hard to cope - capricious and wayward. But I made it! After months of thinking, almost 50 hours of practical weaving, over 8500 best quality Myuiki delica beads were arranged in a way they took shape of a cute smiling snake.

Sunday 3 December 2017

Rattlesnake necklace

The necklace is created in crochet knitting technique, with best quality Japanese beads. The clasp designed to fit the snake body - a head and a tail make a hook, to complete the overall look. The necklace is pleasant to touch and fits most of a wardrobe. Nice accent in each day wearing.

Available in my shop

If you are fond of snakes, but prefer other serpentes, you are welcome to order the one you love more. 
Here is another one:
Two other snakes I created already make women happy:, 

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Blunthead blue tree snake

This necklace casts a spell. It looks very realistic, but is not scarring at all. 
I designed this necklace for a courage woman who doesn't afraid of such an unusual accessory. 
The snake is unique, have no copies.
The necklace is created in crochet knitting technique and assembled on memory wire string and has no need in clasp. It is flexible and one-size.
Can be found in my shop:  Blunted blue tree snake.
If you are fond of snakes, but prefer other serpents, you are welcome to order the one you love more. Two other snakes I created already make women happy: Pythone, Eastern milk snake.

And some progress steps:

1. Threading the beads acoording to a pattern 

2. Crochet knitting 

3. Gluing the cabochons for a head support

4. Head knitting

5. Finishing the head. Eyes spots left for eye gluing. 



Thursday 2 November 2017

Golden skyscraper bracelet

Classic colors - blue topaz in gold. I love this oriental colors combination. It looks amazing with this geometrical style bracelet. It reminds me a golden skyscraper with serene blue sky reflection in windows lavishness. The bracelet wraps the wrist softly and gently. Aqua cube beads add fascinating charm. It will be you favorite.

This bracelet is made of best quality gold duracoated Japanese beads. The coating is super strong, the beads won't slough off, and will stay sparkling and shiny. Slider clasp easy to operate and secures the bracelet completely.

Mind the dimentions: 
Length - 18 cm (7.1'') 
Width - 3.5 cm (1.5'')

The bracelet is ready for shipment and available in mt Esty store.

Wednesday 16 August 2017

Burberry necklace

Burberry is one of the most sought-after brands on the resale market. Their tartan plaid is recognized by its tan color, black intersecting stripes and narrow red accent stripes.

The necklace is made with crochet knitting technique, with highest quality seed beads. Is flexible and smooth, and will make an classic accent to your each day wearing. Toggle clasp with a small pretty butterfly closes easily.

Necklace length 49.5 cm (19.5'').


Wednesday 9 August 2017

Summer Sky Earrings

Those Summer Sky earrings were created for the Etsy Beadweavers Team August challenge on the theme "Symmer Sky". Please visit our team blog, between the 9th and 15th of August 2017 and vote for your favorite entry.
I haven' participated in monthly contests for quite a long time, but the moment I knew the theme of the challenge, I knew I'm going to use those cabochons I had for a while, and waited for the right opportunity to create the earrings. I'm quite restrained in my colors choice, but this time I was brave. I love summer and its colors. Those earrings are full of joy and happiness.

Amazing turquoise cabochons bezeled with 2 rows of sparkling Swarovski bicones and frosted pink seed beads.
Findings - 925 silver stamped earrings hooks. 

The earrings are coruscate and eye-catching.

Earrings length with hooks - 2.5cm (1.7'')
Earrings width - 2.5cm (1'')

Available in my Etsy shop