Wednesday 23 May 2018

Golden beads oriental neclace

For a long time I did not please you with my creations. No, I did not stop beading (it will never happen😉), just don't have time to post. I have a very busy year, but will try to stay in touch.
This necklace was an order from a very nice man for his wife on her birthday. The singularity of this piece is gold beads I got to use in my work. Yep, the 6 mm beads are real golden and old beads. You can see that beads are not completely round, and I think it adds charm and authenticity to the necklace. I tried to give a stage to a noble metal and I am quite sure I succeeded. It turned out oriental fetching, not massive and pleasurably wraps the neck. 
Birthday Girl liked the present a lot, so my mission completed successfully

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