Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Lucky Andy - Bronze Dragon

Today one of the pleasant orders was shipped. A couple weeks ago a nice lady wrote me that she was interested in the White Dragon bracelet that I made. She asked to make the same, but in different color. The communication was so pleasant, and the color that was chosen was bronze.
I was very thrilled to start, because the orders for beadweaving challenge and inspire me.
Some pictures of the process:

Choosing eye color

The eyes were chosen, but the body turned to be too curvy- the customer wrist was small, and I tightened the thread too much, so it curled for a very tine bracelet. So I weaved it from the beginning.
 Actually it took a few readaptations till it laid on the wrist perfectly. But finally I was completely satisfied with the size.

Maybe because the piece has a head, when I finished, I gave him a name - Lucky Andy, because he reminds me a sweet puppy.

I made the dragon a home, so he will have his own nest:)

Some technical details - Magatama color - Miyuki LMA-457, 45gr. Miyuki 8-9457L light bronze, 12gr, Miyuki 11-9457L light bronze, 2gr. 2 Green Swarovski bicones 4mm. Beige Miyuki delica beads for teeth.Memory wire inside.

I used was peyote stitch the weave the body and herringbone stitch for the head.

UPD: Here is a review I got:

So heartwarming...


  1. Is there a pattern available for your dragon bracelet?

    1. It was created by schemes of Beadwork 2 2011 - Nancy Jones - Dragon Bangle, and Creative Beading Vol.5. - Kerrie Slide - Dragon Alert