Thursday, 7 December 2017

Eastern milk snake cane

I've already made a few snakes, as a necklaces - RattlesnakePythoneBlunted blue tree snake and Eastern milk snake as an order. Beads are such a suitable material for this type of animal.
This one was a totally new project for me, the most challenging and life-consuming. I was bearing the idea of how to for a long time, tried many bead-weaving variations, and finally chose the most time occupying 😊. The snake was really hard to cope - capricious and wayward. But I made it! After months of thinking, almost 50 hours of practical weaving, over 8500 best quality Myuiki delica beads were arranged in a way they took shape of a cute smiling snake.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Rattlesnake necklace

The necklace is created in crochet knitting technique, with best quality Japanese beads. The clasp designed to fit the snake body - a head and a tail make a hook, to complete the overall look. The necklace is pleasant to touch and fits most of a wardrobe. Nice accent in each day wearing.

Available in my shop

If you are fond of snakes, but prefer other serpentes, you are welcome to order the one you love more. 
Here is another one:
Two other snakes I created already make women happy:,